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Dear Louise and all the team

J crawled into the Garden House at ten months. This week he will be picking up his folder of work and heading out to primary school. No doubt trying to do a "mega jump" off the garden wall on his exit as usual - as long as no staff are watching.

So, he has progressed from the nappy fest of Poohs and Roos to full-blown measuring experiments in Christopher Robins. With all the graduated support of Piglets and Tiggers along the way.

Throughout he has thoroughly enjoyed his time, and we want to say thank you to all who have been involved. More than three years -up to ten hours a day - pretty much all his life so far.

He has always been happy to come in the morning. And after a long day he arrives home tired but full of fun tales from the nursery, come rain or shine -or snow.

You have looked after him when his knees have met the playground tarmac, and encouraged him to share, observe boundaries, and play together constructively with others. We can see the results when he is with us. There's so much that has come from The Garden House. We have the picture of J smiling in his last class photo with all his teachers and friends as a reminder.

But the real mark you have left is inside him. And we like the difference you have all made.

Thank you. J and S F

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