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I take this opportunity to express our gratitude for all the wonderful work you do at the Garden House Nursery (GHN) and to put into writing my comments about what we - typical anxious parents - have experienced whilst our daughters have been with you. Our eldest started with you at about 6 months old and has now left you and gone on to Nether Green infant school and our youngest is now in the 'Roos' room.

Before we chose the GHN we looked around at other nurseries and tried to contact parents whose children had been through the nursery. We knew some parents who had sent their children to GHN and liked the way their children were turning out and our initial impression after visiting GHN was of a warm loving atmosphere where children were cared for rather than 'processed' in a dispassionate way.

I guess what every parent would love is a crystal ball to see how their child would be getting on at a nursery in the future. Well, here we are on the other side of almost 5 years later and all I can say is that the staff and management at GHN have been nothing short of the best we could have possibly hoped for. Our eldest daughter has turned out just as we had hoped after being with you - you have encouraged, nurtured, valued and cherished her and she is a shining example of the wonderful work that you do.

I write this reference unprompted by anything other than my desire to give credit where credit is due. The GHN should in my opinion be held out as an example of what an excellent pre school nursery should be. I can only recommend it to any parent about to embark into the unknown waters of entrusting their children to relative 'strangers'. Indeed I would go as far as to say that parents will not find a better, more loving and safe environment into which to place their children.

Money cannot buy the parental peace of mind that you have provided to us over the last four or five years - I want to say a big thank you to all the staff and management at GHN. We will be indebted to you for decades to come for the love, effort and encouragement that you have invested and continue to invest in our children. We wish you every success and trust that your excellent work will bring joy and comfort to parents for years to come.

Kind regards,
Mr DC and Dr JC

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