The Garden House Nursery School

72 Crimicar Lane, Sheffield, S10 4FB | T 0114 263 0149


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Thank you for keeping J safe and warm,
for telling me what she's done on her Tigger form.
For letting her eat lunch for hours and hours,
and teaching her about the birds and the flowers.

For showing her things through the microscope,
and teaching her to wash her hands with soap.
For letting her play and have lots of fun,
and putting her cream on to keep off the sun.

For teaching her to cook healthy cakes,
and encouraging her to share the things that she bakes.
For helping her to know right from wrong,
and teaching her to read and sing a song.

Finally thank you one and all,
for giving J a cuddle after a fall.
For leading by example how to be caring and kind,
For instructing her heart as well as her mind.

Thanks for everything

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