The Garden House Nursery School

72 Crimicar Lane, Sheffield, S10 4FB | T 0114 263 0149


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Dear Louise, Donna, Kirsty and all of the staff at Garden House Nursery.

The decision about which nursery to send --- to was not one that we made easily. Like all new parents we wanted to make sure that we found a warm, safe and nurturing environment. However, we were also looking for a place that would be particularly welcoming and inclusive for our little boy with his emerging complex developmental profile, and a place that displayed an understanding of his early life experiences.

Garden House Nursery School stood out amongst the many nurseries that we visited (and it was in fact the only nursery to actively encourage us to visit several settings, in order to ensure we made the right decision for our family). On our first visit Donna listened so carefully to us, and then offered us her warm reassurances (the first of many such reassurances that Donna would give to us!). She uniquely demonstrated such a depth of knowledge about child development, of the needs of children with communication difficulties, and of the issues that children who have been adopted might face. We came away with a strong impression of a very professional nursery school, a place that would nurture our little boy’s strengths. A warm and loving environment.

And our experience at Garden House has completely reflected our first impressions. It is the most warm and genuinely inclusive place that we have experienced. Even though there have been some challenges along the way we have felt valued, listened to, and supported as parents, and we have always felt that our beautiful little boy has been loved and valued for all his quirky little ways. We have never felt anything but patience, understanding, commitment and enthusiasm from every single staff member that we have worked alongside. It has felt like a genuine partnership, working together for the benefit of ---.

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Garden House, it is a place that we will never forget and will always remember fondly. However, we also say goodbye knowing that --- will be moving on to his new adventures with the very best preparation behind him.

Thank you so much, for everything.

With very best wishes.

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